Sunday, July 17, 2016

Foods That Just Aren't Worth Eating

Trying to keep healthy?  Or lose some weight?  There's definitely a 'trick' to it (if you want to call it that)... and that's to keep what you put in your body only foods that help it realize your goals.  Want to be lean?  Eat healthy!  Want to be healthy?  Well... EAT HEALTHY (oh, did I say that already?).


Remember:  Health begets health.  So while you're on your mission to be healthy and lean, here's some foods that really just are NOT worth eating.  They do nothing to help your cause and will probably just sabotage your efforts.

Stay away from soft drinks.  There's nothing good about them.  Sugar, food coloring and carbonated water.  What on earth would make anyone think that combination is good for them?  And if you're thinking you can make it better by drinking the 'diet' version instead to keep your calories low, consider this:  it's calorie free but it's still sweet, therefore it's sweetened with artificial sweetener.  Excuse me but artificial sweeteners are all either made completely from chemicals or are chemically processed to remove the calories.  Either way, they are the equivalent of drinking poison.  Stay away from soft drinks.  If you absolutely must drink your fizzy treat, then stick to club soda.  Need flavor?  Add a lemon or lime wedge.

Avoid deep fried foods.  They're almost always chock full of hydrogenated oils, trans fats and all sorts of other indigestible, fattening calories.  If you want to have your fries, try sprinkling some heart-healthy coconut oil or olive oil on potatoes, sweet potatoes or yams and bake them in the oven.  This is a far healthier way to get your 'french-fry' fix.

Skip the bacon.  Bacon is full of nitrates and absolutely jammed with salt and unhealthy fat.  Want a tasty meat treat?  Try some cooked shrimp.  Or a chicken breast prepared on the grill.  You'll get a lot more nutrients for your body and a lot less complaining from your heart.

Donuts.  Deep fried white-flour dough covered in white, processed sugar.  Remind me how this could ever be considered a good thing to eat?  No nutritional quality and lots and lots of calories and bad fats makes this so called 'food' very high on the list of foods that just aren't worth eating.

Potato chips of any description are also very high on this list.  Why?  Deep fried potatoes with the skins peeled off (which is where most of the nutrition in a potato resides).  They're highly caloric and again hold little nutritional quality.  Best to keep away from this 'food' too, if you're looking to be the healthiest, leanest version of you possible.

Margarine.  All margarine happens to be is oils and food colouring with artificial flavoring added to make it resemble butter.  It's very high in calories and very devoid of nutrition.  If you want to spread something on your meals or whole grain bread, make it the real thing, good ol' natural butter.  Sure, it's high in calories but at least there's some nutrition in butter.  And usually it doesn't contain chemicals or artificial flavors.  If you can find a brand that doesn't use artificial coloring, you're golden (but your butter won't be)!

Remember what I mentioned at the beginning: Health begets health.  The healthier you can make the food you eat, the faster your body will reward you with better health and a leaner physique.

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  1. There is no research thus far that has demonstrated any link between poor health outcomes and artificial sweeteners. The cancer scare is thus far a lie. So I'm curious what your drinking poison"comment was based on.