Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fat Burning Advice - What Are the Best Exercises For Fat Burning?

If you have decided to lose weight, and get fit, Congratulations! You have taken the most sensible step you can to help your body stay healthy, and for you to live a longer happier life. However before you hit the gym you should know that when it comes to losing weight not all forms of exercise are equal. Certain types of exercise will boost your bodies fat burning rate, and therefore allow you to lose weight faster. The other good news is the exercises I recommended cause less strain and effort. Read on to find the best exercises for fat burning.

Fat Burning Advice

The traditional route you will be told to take at your local gym will probably consist of extended periods of cardio training on equipment such as stair climbers, tread mills, etc. There are two problems with this traditional approach. One is the time it takes, usually over an hour a day. The second is the strain this constant pounding puts on your joints. This can also cause you problems years down the line.

Luckily the best fat burning results can be achieved in a much shorter time, and with vastly reduced impact on your joints, by using what is known as interval resistance training. This kind of exercise only needs to be taken two or three times per week to show results, and because the actual exercises are done once, and the typical routine works each part of your body each time you workout, it takes a much shorter time than a normal workout.

So what is interval resistance training? Quite simply it is a form of exercise that uses weights and slow deliberate movements to push your muscle groups very quickly to their limits. Doing this also promotes maximum lean muscle mass growth. It will leave you toned and healthy not bulked up, and it also works throughout the day even when you have stopped exercising, so you burn more fat during the day which multiplies its effectiveness.

Try this form of workout next time you go to the gym. I firmly believe it is the best exercise for fat burning, and because it doesn't demand so much of your time you are less likely to give up because you are bored, or simply don't have the time. Plus you wont place as much strain on your joints, with all the resulting problems that can bring.

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